Mission / Vision

Mission / Vision

Our purpose after strengthening bonds of friendship, based on respect, trust and mutual collaboration is to enjoy simulated aviation by computer and for that we are learning little by little about the real world of aviation, procedures, regulations, making our pilots participate or interact adequately in the IVAO and / or VATSIM networks.

We seek to be a nationally and globally recognized airline where the pilots that integrate it feel comfortable and proud to fly under the name of Viva Virtual Airlines.



Strengthen ties of friendship based on respect, trust and mutual collaboration and train us in a proper way to:

  • Make flights through virtual flight networks in a more realistic way.
  • The pilot will fly across the world, carrying passengers, cargo, thinking administratively.


  • Provide the necessary support to our pilots to learn by improving in the field of aerial simulation.
  • Create awareness of how the real world of aviation moves in a more administrative, fuel, inputs, expenses, fees, passengers.