Operations Manual

This document is developed to establish the basic guidelines for the good management of our Virtual Airline, such as regulations, regulations, and explanations for the use of the FSAirlines system, ranking system and in general.

Currently we are not a Certified Virtual Airline before the networks, we are a virtual airline at a general level. We are in the process of organization and certification.

General Regulation

Regarding the treatment, coexistence and use of communication channels;

Maintain respect for others, that said it goes without saying that no comments, photos or videos are allowed on topics that may offend or affect the susceptibility of other people, we must bear in mind that we are not all equal. The breach of this is a reason for withdrawal.

Keep in mind some tips:

-Greet and answer the greeting when others do.

-Do not use rude words, try to be as clear as possible when speaking or writing to avoid misunderstandings.

-Do not send photos or videos of politics, sex, violence. A bit of humor is valid, but everything in excess is bad, you have to know how to distinguish the moments.

Regarding participation in IVAO and / or VATSIM networks

The network you want to use or fly offline is everyone’s freedom. But if the use of the FSA Client is mandatory for the registration of the flight.

If you want to use the name VivaAirColombia Airlines, it is mandatory to use the VVC Calling and the ID assigned by the VA with A320 (MTL or CSL) even if you use another type of airplane in the simulator, since VivaAirColombia uses only aircraft type A320

Si desea usar otro tipo de avión con otra aerolínea puede colocar el Callsing nuestro que será VVR.

Regarding the Permanence by flights:

Carry out regular flights according to the schedule that each person can, if possible a minimum weekly flight.

Pilots who have 2 weeks of inactivity (not fly) will be put on the ground as an alert to report, from that moment they will have 2 more weeks to reactivate and continue flying.

In case it is not communicated it will be understood that it will not be able to continue flying and will be removed from the company.

If for some reason you could not fly or communicate, you can apply again and with pleasure you can enter again.

Regarding the Discord Channel and Whatsapp:

It is essential the communication between the members for various reasons, we use these 2 social networks to communicate:

Discord: It is very important because it is a very complete platform. Here we make notifications of flight reservations (mandatory), notifications of the VA, documents, images, photos, etc. We do voice meetings and shared screens.

Whatsapp: It is more of the day to day to maintain the interpersonal relationships, to be a platform of free use and of greater daily use.

Regarding Information Management:

The distribution of VA information to other groups is strictly prohibited. All content handled in the VA is for the exclusive use of the group. The breach of this is a reason for withdrawal.

Regarding Aircraft Request and Routes:

We have a wide range of planes and routes but especially in Colombia since it is our country and we handle the main bases here.

A pilot can request an airplane or specific route with the condition that he will use it, the VA is willing to satisfy his pilots acquiring the airplane or creating the requested route only with the commitment that is used to compensate the value of the purchase and not generate losses.

Medal “Best Pilots”

The “Best Pilots” medal is a recognition given every month to pilots who stand out for their participation in the airline and their good performance in the flights made.


Remuneration Factor: 20%

It will be awarded to the best three (3) pilots of the month

The evaluation criteria include: • Miles • Passengers • Income • Landings