VA Rules & Regulation


This document is developed to establish the basic guidelines for the good management of our Virtual Airline, such as regulations, regulations, and explanations for the use of the FSAirlines system, system of ranges and in general.

General Regulations


The official language of the airline is Spanish because it is Colombian, therefore you must understand and use the language to be able to communicate easily. The airline will also handle destinations to countries where other languages will be used so you must also have basic knowledge of English to understand and interact.

Admission process

The applicant will register on the FSAirlines platform and apply to our airline Viva Virtual Airlines, you will receive a questionnaire where you must provide the required information.

You will be provided with videos and documents that express the use of the Client and the FSA website (software and web page), as well as a personalized induction.

Viva Virtual Airlines reserves the right of admission and stay of the pilots.

Administration of the Airline

Viva Virtual Airlines has a Staff Group which ensures that the Airline operates and maintains the stipulations of its bylaws. The Staff Group is also a pilot within the airline.

The Staff Group consists of:

CEO: Director and main Founder.

CO-CEO: Total Support in Operations and General Organization

CTO: Programmer and Web Developer.

CIP: General Pilot Instructor.

Suspensions and Retreats

Understand by suspension to a warning or call for attention in which the pilot is put on the ground on days as established by the Staff Group.

Upon the Third (3rd) suspension the pilot will automatically be removed from the Company.

At any time, the Staff Group may evaluate the conduct or lack of a pilot and may decide to suspend more drastically or withdraw immediately.

Regarding the treatment, coexistence and use of communication channels

Maintain respect for others, that said it goes without saying that no comments, photos or videos are allowed on topics that may offend or affect the susceptibility of other people, we must bear in mind that we are not all equal. The breach of this is a reason for withdrawal.

Keep in mind some tips:

  • Greet and answer the greeting when others do.
  • Do not use rude words, try to be as clear as possible when speaking or writing to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Do not send photos or videos of politics, sex, violence. A little humor is valid, but everything in excess is bad, you have to know how to distinguish the moments.

Regarding participation in IVAO and / or VATSIM networks

It is the freedom of each one of the network that wishes to use or fly Offline. But if the use of the FSA Client is mandatory for the registration of the flight.

Any pilot that will fly in the virtual flight networks must use the VVR Airline’s code and its supplied ID. Those who are in training and do not feel fit even in the Communication with the ATC should place in the RMK / Rookie.

In case of any doubt about your flight plan you must submit it to the group for revision so that all corrections and clarifications are made.

The internal rules of the virtual flight networks must be fully respected and complied with. Failure to suspend or withdraw the breach of this

Regarding the Permanence by flights

Carry out regular flights according to the schedule that each person can, as little as possible, a weekly flight.

Pilots who have 2 weeks of inactivity (not fly) will be put on the ground as a warning to report reincorporation, after 2 more weeks of being on the ground and not reporting reincorporation will be removed from the VA. That is, a period of 1 month without a flight will be withdrawn unless it expresses the reasons before the Staff Group.

It is understood that after 1 month without any communication you do not intend to continue flying in the company.

If you wish to return to the VA again you can apply and with pleasure you can enter once more.

Regarding the Discord Channel and WhatsApp

It is essential to communicate among the members for various reasons, we use these 2 social networks to communicate:

Discord: It is very important because it is a very complete platform. Here we make notifications of flight reservations (mandatory), notifications of the VA, documents, images, photos, etc. We do voice meetings and screen sharing.

Whatsapp: It is more of the day to day to maintain the interpersonal relationships, to be a platform of free use and of greater daily use.

Regarding Information Management

The dissemination or dissemination of VA information to other groups is strictly prohibited. All the content that is handled in the VA is for the exclusive use of the group. The breach of this is a reason for withdrawal.

Regarding Aircraft Request and Routes

We have a wide range of planes and routes but especially in Colombia since it is our country and we handle the main bases here.

A pilot can request an airplane or specific route with the condition that he will use it, the VA is willing to satisfy his pilots acquiring the airplane or creating the requested route only with the commitment that is used to compensate the value of the purchase and not generate losses.

Regarding FSA Customer Management

The use of the FSA Client is mandatory for the flight to be registered in the Platform and the use of a plugin that records the Landing Rate in real time.

The Pilot is free to register or not to register the flight made according to his criteria, closing the Client in the “X”.

The flight must be canceled when:

  • The Landing Rate greater than -600fpm is exceeded.
  • The plane crashes or the simulator is closed (crash).
  • Run out of fuel in flight.
  • Do not land at the scheduled destination airport and do not use the “Divert” function.

Once the flight is registered, the pilot can NOT request review or send reports directly to FSA under any circumstances without first consulting the Staff Group. Non-compliance (grounding) is suspended for 5 days.


The Ranks system is ascending to ensure that each pilot trains and acquires basic aeronautical knowledge and thus increases professionalism when flying.

The initial rank of every pilot is STD (Basic Student) with a salary in% according to the flight’s earnings.

In the event that upon initial initiation the candidate demonstrates greater knowledge and practice of the initial CAT, he will be promoted to the appropriate CAT by means of a previous request to the Staff and interview with instructors of the VA, otherwise he will have to meet the following minimum requirements to ascend to the next rank:

STD Rank (Basic Student)


5 flights and more than 800nm in total, with CAT A aircraft

STD2 Rank (Advanced Student)

Salary 8%

10 flights and more than 1600nm in total, with CAT B aircraft

PCJ Rank (Junior Commercial Pilot)

Salary 10%

20 flights and more than 4000nm in total, with CAT C aircraft

PCS Rank (Senior Commercial Pilot)

Salary 15%

30 flights and more than 6000nm in total, with CAT D aircraft

PCC Range (Comander Commercial Pilot)

Salary 18%

40 flights and more than 8000nm in total, with CAT E and F aircraft.


The Medals awarded by the VA are granted by Merits, each Pilot receives his deserved medal according to the case. We will award the following medals in the cases of:

Recognition to be granted month by month to the first 3 pilots who stand out for their participation in the airline and their good performance in the flights according to the summary at the end of each month.

Recognition that will be granted to the pilots who make Tour and Events with the respective regulations of the VA.