Viva Virtual Airlines

We are a group of aviation enthusiasts, we use our simulators to recreate this fantastic aeronautical world. We are not, nor do we believe, real pilots. For this group more important than being virtual pilots is to generate bonds of friendship. We just have fun supporting each other and learning more every day.

Viva Virtual Airlines was born under the name of Viva Colombia VA (not certified) in 2017 under the FSAirlines platform, but over time we have crossed borders with the entry of foreign pilots, expansion of international routes as well as fleets, and this We have been forced to change the name to a more international airline where we can make flights with greater freedom. Therefore, we follow the essence of the tricolor and Colombian pride and now we call ourselves Viva Virtual Airlines, a Virtual Airline that crosses the skies nationally and internationally.

Since February 13, 2019, we are a Certified Virtual Airline with the IVAO network.

NOTE: Viva Virtual Airlines is a 100% virtual airline and has no direct relationship with the real airline VivaColombia – VivaAir. Your fleet and routes do not attempt to simulate operations of any real airline.

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